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How to crochet a Primrose

A flower with a thousand colors symbol of rebirth and hope. One of the first to announce spring and brighten any garden. These primroses I crochet I made red.

Explanation Flower

• Start ch 5 and close around and inside to 15 single crochet.
• Over the next three points to make:
• The first point to make ch 3, a triple crochet, a double triple crochet
• The second point to make: 3 triple triple crochet
• In the third point to make: a double triple crochet, a triple crochet and 3 point chains.
• Repeat the same for a total of five petals.

Explanation of "corollina" (yellow petal)

• Start ch 5 and close around and inside Do
• 15 half  treble (every 3 points make a picot ch 2)
• Now cut the plastic coated wire length that you need in a tip and wrap the yellow cotton to create a small ball that will be the pistil and that will block closing the wire (help with a pair of pliers).
• Now enter the "corollina" Then the flower
• Now prepare a micro goblet starting 2 -chain and do in the first 10 single crochet. Do not cut the thread. Insert it in the stem (without sewing) and trace around the chains to coat it with cotton.

Leaf Explanation

• Start 30 chains
• First round: 3 single crochet, 3 half treble, 3 double crochet, 11 triple crochet, three high points, 3 half treble, 3 single corchet
• Rifare equal to the other side.
• Second round: same as the first with three increases in the triple crochet.

Cut the galvanized iron wire the leaf length, plus a good cm.
Insert it to the leaf working on it around the low points.
Before closing the work always remember to stretch it well with your hands to give it the right shape.

Now twisted on itself remaining iron wire so as to form a small stem that will allow you to place the leaf in the jar.

I've used it leaves fifteen and flowers 5 to compose my jar. Have fun creating the primroses of many colors and jars instead of individual you can make a colorful composition into a larger pot.  At the next creation, and enjoy!

This is one of my first translations I realize. I hope they are clear. Let me know in the comments.

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