giovedì 20 novembre 2014

How to crochet a Bellflower

Today with this explanation we complete the composition of crocheted blue flowers. She is also a variety of bells among the many who are around in our beautiful countryside. His real name does not know so I will simply call it bell.

Explanation of the flower:
Start 4 chains and in the first do; 14 double crochet.
1 lap: 30 double crochet.
2 lap: 6 points to make: 1 single crochet, 1 point to make a half double crochet and a double crochet, at a point 2 triple crochet, at a point three double triple crochet at a 2 point triple crochet and at one point a double crochet and a half double crochet.
Repeat equal to a total of 5 times.
With regard to the pistil, wrap a very clear celestial cotton around the plated iron wire that will be made from the stem.

Explanation of the small goblet:
Start 4 chains and in the first one 11 double crochet.
Now to assemble insert the flower around the pistil and then the little corolla without sewing it. Now work around the stem chains to the length you need.

Explanation of the bud:
Start 4 chains, in the first make 11 double crochet.
1 lap: 12 double crochet.
2 revolutions: 2 double crochet closed together 6 times, insert the stem by bending the tip first
3 lap: Close the 6 remaining double crochet together
To assemble the same flower process (except celestial cotton)

Leaf Explanation:
The leaves are of 2 different sizes to give more harmony to the plant as it is in nature
Explanation of large leaf:

Start 35 chains
1 lap: 5 single crochet, 5 half double crochet, 5 double crochet, 10 triple crochet, 3 double crochet, 3 half double crochet, 3 single crochet. Return the same to the other side then insert the galvanized iron wire by working around the single crochet, work well and twist the remaining wire of iron to form a small stem to insert into the jar.
Small leaf explanation:
Start 25 chains
1 turn: 3 single crochet, 3 half double crochet, 3 double crochet, 6 triple crochet, 3 double crochet, 3 half double crochet, 3 single crochet, resemble equal to the other side and insert the iron wire by working around the single crochet.
Same procedure of large leaf

Now that you have done everything, make up your jar of blue bells. You can only make it with this kind of bell, or put it in a composition with other flowers or just one.
I swore I explained everything to the best.
Let yourself be driven by your inspiration and have fun creating.

At the next creation hello!

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