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How to crochet a Daisy

It is one of the most common flowers and is known as the flower of simplicity. The field dais is for many a flower tied to memories of childhood, spring and happy games and carefree in nature. This daisy is one of the flowers that is part of the "field flowers" compositions.
Quite easy to accomplish except the leaf that made me think a little until I found the right shape. Ok we start.

Explanation of the flower

With yellow cotton, start 4 chains and in the first make 11 double crochet. Now with the white cotton in the top 12 points below work as follows: at one point make: 5 chains and in these do: a single crochet, 3 half double crochet, a slip stitch. Repeat equal to a total of 12 small petals.

Explanation of the chalice

Start 5 chains and close in round and inside 15 double crochet.
Now cut a plated wire of the length you need and the right thickness, bend a bit and form a small circle no larger than the yellow daisy. Now insert the chalice and place it on the daisy on the right side and sew it to the flower along the yellow border. Do this by working around the stem the chains to cover it with cotton, except the piece you insert into the jar or if you do batch work up to the end of the stem and then bend it to stop the work.

Explanation of the leaf

Start 30 chains. Insert the zinc plated wire of the length 2 times the chains more about 4 cm per side and work around the single crochet, and as you work them do so: 3 single crochet, 5 chains and in these make 1 single crochet and 3 half double crochet ; and so on until you complete the 30 chain chains.
It's a bit complicated to explain but easy to do. Tighten the remaining galvanized iron wire (approx. 2 cm) to fit the leaf into the jar. I have made it to this height, you according to your creation can increase or decrease the chains and make them taller or lower or even sew them at the end of the daisy stalk if the individual fairies.

I hope you have explained everything to the best and give you a better idea. The rule is always to give you your passion and have fun creating it. A warm greeting to everyone.

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