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How to crochet a succulent plant with white flowers

This map resembles a very cactus and for its shape I have struggled a little to replicate it, and it is part of the composition of greasy crocheted plants and is that with the white flower. It is made of a "cylinder" (let's call it that) and three cylinders to be sewn to form "branches" where the flowers will be set

Explanation Map (cylinder):

Start 5 chains.
1 lap: 15 double crochet.
2 lap: 30 double crochet (every 6 points make a board of 4 chains)
From 3 rounds, always make 30 double crochet with a little one, each lap that alternates the little ones so that they never over one another and also make them stay in the outside of the cylinder because those are the thorns. Make it the length you need for your creation.

Explanation of the seedling (cylinder).

Start 5 chains.
1 lap: 12 double crochet.
2 lap: 24 double crochet (every 6 points make a small board of 6 chains)
From 3 rounds, always make 24-double crochet with the chips alternating to each lap.
Make the length you need to form the cactus sprigs. Now wrap cotton wool or cotton. In the large cylinder, remember to insert the fork-cut plasticized wire wire in the middle of the fly, which will then allow you to insert the seedlink into the jar. Now sew the cylinders to the main stem and give it the shape of curved sprigs. What's important to do after you've even sewn flowers is to go hand over the cribs so they raise them a bit because they are the part of the plugs of this cactus.

Let's now go to the explanation of the flower.
Start 5 chains
1 lap: 15 double crochet.
2 lap: 15 double crochet.
3 laps: 15 double crochet.
4 laps: at one point make: 3 chains, a triple crochet, at one point make 3 double triple crochet, at one point: a triple crochet 3 chains. Repeat equal to a total of 5 petals.

To create the pistols of this beautiful flower I made a matassin with the yellow cotton sewn down and then cut to the top to make the tuft and then insert it into the flower. Now that you have all sewn the flowers in the armpit of the "sprigs" of the cactus and then place it in the jar. Since underneath it seemed a bit bare, I added some pebbles and some grass bushes. But you can do it without, this crochet cactus is beautiful also by itself. To tell you more, I hope as always that I have given you an extra idea for your creations and explained everything to the best. See you soon. Bye!

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