sabato 17 gennaio 2015

How to crochet a succulent plant with bordeaux flowers

Hello to all, this fatty crocheted seedling is the last of the seven of those that were part of the composition. Last but not least. I really like this very much even though it is impossible to touch it because it immediately becomes a puddle. And anyway I think I've been able to recreate it almost equal to crochet and I'm very happy about it.
I hope the explanation is up to you and that you too can recreate it for your special "thorny angle." My own is composed of many seedlings of various sizes sewn on top of each other. There are 5 types, (be patient my explanations are a bit good at not using schemes and technical terms, i arrange how i can and still be important and that they are understandable.

Explanation of the Great Plan:

Start 5 chains and close in round.
1 lap: 12 double crochet.
2 laps: 24 double crochet.
3 lap: increase every 2 points (total 36 points)
4 lap: increase every 2 points (total 54 points)
The next 4 laps always 54 points.

Intermediate map:

Start 5 chains and close in round
1 lap: 12 double crochet.
2 laps: 24 double crochet.
3 laps: 48 double crochet.
The next 4 laps always 48 double crochet.

Explanation of the small map:

Start 5 chains
1 lap: 12 double crochet.
2 laps: 24 double crochet.

Now for a seedling go on for 2 laps, for the other seedlings (a little bigger) go on for 4 laps. When you have all put them in cotton wool or cotton and in the one that will be inserted in the jar (the biggest one) put the threaded iron wire on the fork to fit it. Now with a bit of patience with the yellow cotton, sew around a lot of dots to recreate the thorns, then sew the plants one over the other giving you the shape you like. Now let's go to the flower.

Explanation of the flower:

Start 4 chains and in the first make 9 double crochet (keep the thread a bit longer that you will need to sew the flower to the plant)
1 lap: 10 double crochet.
2 laps: 10 double crochet.
3 laps: 20 single crochet (2 points in each previous point),
When you have made all the flowers sew them to the plant and position them in a way that reflects the original one. I think I've explained everything, as always put all of your fantasy and create everything that your inspiration suggests to you.

  Have fun creating. See you soon. Bye!

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