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How to crochet a Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is a map of our forests with small white flowers and characterized by an intense and pleasant scent. Considered by the brides symbol of happiness and simplicity. I have always admired this little map and loved its unmistakable scent that I wanted to recreate this crocheted flower.
My creation is made up of 5 large leaves and 3 mediums and 3 flower buds that I put in a jar trying to give it a harmonious and very natural shape. Now let's start with the explanation of the florins.

Explanation of the flower:
• Start 5 chains and close in round
• 1 lap: 18 double crochet
• 2 laps: 18 double crochet
• 3 turns: 3 chains and in these do: 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet. Skip two basic points and make a single crochet.
• Repeat equal to a total of 6 micro petals.
 When you have done all the flowers you need, you have to prepare small pistillins with the yellow cotton. Cut pieces of galvanized iron wire about 3-4 cm long. And twist the cotton. Then twist the iron wire to form a small stalk of about one centimeter and leave it another so much to hook it to the main stem. Now in that twisted piece (the small stem) work around the chains with the green cotton to cover it. When you put them all on the main stem (which will be the cut wire of the length of the plastic you need) and work around the chains in a way to cover it all except the piece you have to put into the jar. I have prepared one with 9 florins and 2 with 7 each. You naturally make up it according to your creation.

Now let's go to the big leaf:
• Start 70 chains.
• Cut the zinc plated wire of the length of the chains more than 4 inches by half, resting in the middle on the chains and work around 70 single crochet, bending the iron wire, and working another 70 single crochet on the other side. This will be the support of the leaf. Now let's do the
• First round made up of 10 single crochet, 5 half double crochet, 5 double crochet, 10 triple crochet, 10 double triple crochet, 10 triple crochet, 5 double crochet, 5 half double crochet, 9 single crochet, 1 single crochet At the top, resemble the same side as the other down. With very low points we approach the start of the lap and start the second and third rounds.
• 2 and 3 laps equal to the first.
   Cut another piece of iron wire along the entire edge of the leaf plus about 4-5 cm more per side. Place the iron wire at the leaf and work around the low points. Now twist the iron wire (4 pieces) to form a single stalk of about 3-4 cm that will serve to insert the leaf into the jar. Of this, make it 5 and now we go to the average leaf.

• The procedure is the same as the previous leaf, now I explain how many points to do.
• 50 chains
• Make the single crochet
• 1 lap: 10 single crochet, 2 half double crochet, 3 double crochet, 5 triple crochet, 10 double triple crochet, 5 triple crochet, 3double crochet, 2 half double crochet, 10 single crochet, 1 single crochet on top And make the other side go down.
• 2 laps equal to the first.
  • Repeat the same procedure as the large leaf.

Put all the leaves you need for your creation and arrange them together with the florets in a way to recreate a lily of yours. My explanation as always is very simple and I hope also understandable. You put us all your passion and then you will admire your masterpiece. Have fun at all hello and next!

This is one of my first translations I realize. I hope they are clear. Let me know in the comments.

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