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How to crochet Heater

I like to watch his tiny and perfect little flowers. In nature they are small evergreen shrubs that produce so many little flowers to color entire landscapes. In ancient times the Erica was considered a magical plant, it was used to build brooms to clean the environments from negative energies.

To make this Crochet Erica seedling you need to prepare: some branches with little leaves, a little flower, a small central section, and a very small pistil.

We start by preparing the central sprig, which is the longest of all, where the other branches will then be placed in descending order. To make the sprig with the leaves you cut a piece of plasticized wire of the length and thickness that is needed and curves a tip that will be that of the top.

As we cover it with cotton, we will also make some leaflets. You will then make the chains around the stem by working them once over and once under and counting 7, now we make 5 chains off the stem and in these we work 4 single crochet, then redo the 7 chains around the stem. This work will be done throughout the length of the stem except for those 2 cm that will be used to insert it into the jar. If necessary it must be starched and shaped with the hands to give it the right shape. In this branch, as in all the others, the flowers will be sewn.

Explanation of the flower.

Start 3 little chains and in the first one make 8 half-high knits in total.

1 lap: One half high and one high point at one point, one half double crochet and one low point at one point, repeat same for 3 more times. Total we would have 4 micro petal.

Explanation of the central section.

Start 2 little chains and in the first make 8 single crochet in total.

Explanation of the pistil.

Make 4 little chains. Close the work by keeping the cotton a little longer. Insert the needle into the central section and then into the flower by passing it in the central border so that the pistil is still inside. Sew to the sprig with 2-3 points.
The small flowers will be sewn to the twigs on top, as when you place them in the vase, they must be placed in descending order starting from the center to finish with the outermost branches that will be without flowers.

Make all the flower twigs that you need for your composition, model everything with your hands to give it the right shape and if it is starched.

As always, I hope I have explained everything at best and have given you an idea more.

Hello everyone, see you next time.

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