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How to crochet a bracelet: Cerchi

Mandalas have always captured my attention and channeled my thoughts into something positive. With admiration I like to look at the Indian drawings which, with their colored circles, seem like an endless encounter of many universes. I liked the idea of ​​recreating something similar to crochet and now I have the pleasure of sharing it with you.

This is the sixth of the 7 crochet bracelets. It is simple enough to make, it is composed of 8 circles to be joined one after the other with free choice to range in the infinite universe of colors to create your personal bracelets. The measures are adapted to my wrist (17 cm).

Start 3 little chains and in the first make 11 half double crochet (12). Cotton color change.

1 round: 24 half double crochet. Cotton color change.
2 lap: a single crochet, 2 little chains, repeat the same for the whole lap (total of 24 small arches). Close the job.
The second circle, like all the others, will be joined together during the second lap.

Second round of the second circle: Work 7 bowls of 2 little chains, then join the first circle as follows: a chain, insert the crochet in the bow of 2 chains of the first circle, a chain and a single crochet. Make an arch of 2 little chains. Make a union by jumping a bow of the first circle. Make an arch of 2 little chains. Make a union by jumping a bow of the circle. The points of union are therefore 3 between 2 free arches. Continue the tour working all the other arches. To join the third circle and all the other successive same identical work, to be sure that the distance is right, count 7 free arches on one side and 7 on the other side of the circle.

After finishing the bracelet sew the transparent plastic buttons in the middle of the 2 circles at the ends.

As always, I hope I have explained everything to the best and have given you one more idea.

Hello everyone, see you next time.

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