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How to crochet a Dandelion

It is a plant spread almost everywhere that is considered infesting. But it is also a magic plant with a thousand virtues, used for its healing powers. In the past there was a desire to express itself and then blow on the seeds of the plant, if all the seeds of the shower head fell with a single breath, the desire came true. And hence the meaning of this flower that symbolizes hope. This dandelion seedling could not be missing in my composition of crochet wildflowers. Let's start with the explanation
which seems a little complicated but I assure you that it is quite simple to make.
Explanation of the flower
For the flower you have to make a skein passing the yellow cotton around 4 fingers. When it is nice to cut the cotton and make a bow in the middle to stop the work. Now cut the length that you need the plasticized wire to make the stem, insert a point in the part of the skein where then sew the glass and bend it twice so that it remains hooked and for now you stop like that.

Explanation of the glass

Start 4 little chains and in the first make 14 double crochet.
1 round: 20 double crochet (make a total of 5 increases distributed in the 15 previous double crochet, a little 'eye)
2 rounds: 20 double crochet.
After you have prepared the glass insert it into the stem, press the skein into the cup well and sew the glass to the skein, trying to take as much cotton as possible with the needle so that it remains firm. Now with the scissors cut the skein leveling it to give it the shape of the dandelion flower. Now you just have to work the chains to the stem to cover it with cotton. To give more naturalness to the composition I also created some buds that I will explain to you now.

Explanation of the bud

Start 4 little chains and make 11 double crochet in the first.
1 round: 12 double crochet.
Cut the plasticized wire of the right length to create the stem, bend a point 2 or 3 times to form a small ball, insert it into the bud and work the second round with about 6-8 slip stitch to close the bud.

Explanation of the cup of bud

Start 4 little chains and in the first make 14 double crochet.
Insert it in the previous stem prepared without sewing it to the bud and cover the stem by working around the chains.

Now let's move on to the leaves that need a little more attention and since it is too long and complicated to write, I tried to make a scheme. Girls capitemi that is the first time I do so then eye!
To give more naturalness to the whole I created 3 leaves of different sizes as they are in nature. For the big leaf, 39 chains are started, for the medium leaf 33 chains and for the small 25. For all 3 types of leaves, after the chains insert the galvanized iron wire 2 times the length of the chain and about 4 cm side that you will need, after finishing the leaf, twisting it on itself to create a small stem that will allow you to insert the leaf in the jar.

I hope I have explained everything at best. When you have done all the leaves you need to arrange them in the jar and insert in the center the flowers and buds and admire your creation.
Have fun creating and as always let yourself be guided by your imagination. Greetings and see you soon.

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