mercoledì 10 dicembre 2014

How to crochet a succulent plant with yellow flowers

Hello to everyone, today as promised I found the time to write the explanation of the first fat map of the composition of fatty crocheted seedlings.
  You have to apologize but I do not know their name, they are seedlings that I have created copying them randomly from the real ones I have in the balcony of the house and
then to identify them in some way to give the explanation I thought to diversify them with the color of the flower. As always for me it is more difficult to create the explanation of creating seedlings and flowers but I will try to do my best. This maple is easy to do, just put the right passion and the result will surprise you.

Explanation of the map:

Start 5 chains and close in round.
1 lap: 12 double crochet.
2 laps: 24 double crochet.
From 3 rounds, always raise 24 double crochet.
This seedlings make the height you need for your jar. For example, I made one of 13 laps, one of 11, one of nine, one of seven, one of six, one of five and one of four. After you made them cut a piece of fork-shaped plasticized iron of the seedlings length plus 2 cm to be placed in the jar and all around put the padding of cotton wool or wadding. Now with the white cotton weave around regular intervals of small points to simulate the thorns.
Let's now go to the explanation of the flower.

 Start 5 chains, close in and out inside:
4 chains, 2 triple crochet, 3 chains, 1 single crochet, resemble the same for a total of 4 petals.
For each seedling make 2 flowers.
Explanation of the small pistil.
Start 4 chains and in the first one: 4 double crochet closed together.
Keep a piece of cotton a little longer because it will serve to sew the flower to the seedlings.

Insert the needle into the cotton of the pistil, insert it into the two flowers, place them on top of the seedlings and sew them. Do the same for all seedlings. Now put them one by one in the jar and position them according to your imagination and composition. What do you think? You can make a single jar or place them in a compost together with other fat seedlings. As always have fun creating and next, hello!

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