domenica 21 dicembre 2014

How to crochet a succulent plant with pink flowers

Hi all, today I give you the explanation to create this greasy crocheted maple. And it's easy to do, just stick to it after you finish it. I tried to recreate her bushy shape, her dark spines and her pink rose crown and I must say she came pretty close to the original. You of course can modify it to your liking according to your imagination and creativity.

Explanation of the map:                                                                     -English-


Start 5 chains and close in round.

1 lap: 15 double crochet.

2 laps: 30 double crochet.

3 and 4 laps: every 3 points increase.

From 5 to 9 (so for 5 laps): Work a double crochet over each double crochet.

From 10 to 13: Decrease a point every 3 points.

The last 2 laps make: a double crochet over each double crochet.

Now that you have a hot air balloon in your hands, cut a piece of wire of plastic wire and stuff it with cotton wadding or cotton and slowly insert it into the seedlings until you have given it the right shape, mdellandola a bit with the hands. Now with the brown cotton weaving the thorns one above the other as to form the ribs. Now let's go to the explanation of the florins that are simple to do.

Start 4 chains and in the first one 9 double crochet.

Keep the thread a little longer to be able to sew the flowers at the plant. With a little patience create the crown of florins and you have finished your beautiful chubby. Nice to put in a composition but also just as simple as it is.

Have fun all the girls and next hello!

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