martedì 30 dicembre 2014

How to crochet a succulent plant with red flowers

Today's is the 4th seedling that is part of the composition of fat crocheted seedlings. I tried to recreate it so that it resembled as much as possible to the original. I also do not know the name of this plant, so I identified it as the one with red flowers.

Let's start by explaining the map.                                        -English- 

Start 5 chains and close in round.
1 lap: 15 double crochet.
2 laps: 30 double crochet.
From 3 rounds, always 30 double crochet and give the height you need according to your composition. To give you the right "shore" shape you have to work a double crochet by taking the previous point from the front and a double crochet taking the previous point from behind the job. So for the whole lap and every lap. It seems difficult but it does not seem to be harder to explain it than to do it. After you have done all the seedlings you need, you will need to put them in cotton wool or cotton and shape them with your hands, inserting a piece of wire-bent plastic sheathed wire that will help you put the seedlings in the jar.

Let's now go to the explanation of the flower:
Start 5 chains and close in round.

1 lap: 12 double crochet.
2 laps: 24 double crochet.

3 lap: 24 double crochet, close and leave a piece of cotton a bit longer that will serve to sew the flower to the plant. Now make a small yellow pistol (start 4 chains and in the first make 4 double crochet closed together) and sew it from below (so leave a piece of cotton longer) to the flower so that it stays fine. I hope you have explained everything well and that you succeed with your imagination to recreate these beautiful plants that I have the pleasure to share with you. A greeting to everyone, hello to the next!

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    1. Ciao Gwenaëlle, un grande grazie a te per i complimenti.