domenica 29 ottobre 2017

How to crochet a bracelet: Nastri

A name dictated at the time of its insertion into a network. It could also be "cordoncino" or "fascia", I do not know why a tape came to my mind and that remained. Easy to make this crochet bracelet is composed of 2 parts worked separately and then joined to form a single piece.

It is the fifth of the 7 crochet bracelets. The measures are adapted to the size of my wrist (17 cm), you will obviously adapt to the size of the wrist to which the bracelet is intended.

Start 95 little chains. Count back 7 little chains and in the octave do:

1 round: a double crochet, 2 little chains, jump 2 basic points, repeat the same for a total of 30 squares.
2 lap: a single crochet above each high point, 2 single crochet in the bow of the 2 little chains, so for the whole turn, both on one side and on the other. Close the job.
Cotton color change.
Start 92 little chains and in these make 90 half double crochet. Insert the tape into the previously worked mesh, once above and once below until it reaches the other end.

Shape it well with your hands and sew it at the edges of the net, then sew the transparent plastic snap buttons at the 2 ends.

Have fun creating.

Hello everyone, see you next time.

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