domenica 1 ottobre 2017

How to crochet a bracelet: Archetti

A meeting of small bowls gave life to this crochet bracelet. Very simple to make by choosing the colors that most inspire you or that are more suited to the occasion for which the bracelet is intended. This is the 4 of 7 crochet bracelets.

Start 90 little chains and in these make 88 half double crochet. Turn the job.

1 round: 4 half double crochet. 4 little chains, jump 2 basic points, a single crochet, 4 little chains, a single crochet, repeat the same for a total of 27 small arches. The last 4 points will be 4 half double crochet. Close the job.

Now we'll do another identical one that will go together with the previous one while working the little chains of 4 little chains. That is, we will do: 2 little chains, insert the crochet hook into the bow of 4 little chains of the previous work, 2 little chains and a single crochet. So for the whole tour. At the 2 ends of the bracelet where there are the 4 half double crochetr, the automatic buttons of transparent plastic will be sewn and while the edges are joined together. Once finished model it a little with your hands near the union with the small arches.

 The measures of this bracelet are adapted to those of my wrist that is 17 cm.

You can make it with 2 combinations of different colors or with a single shade.

Free space for your imagination.

Hello everyone, see you next time.

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