domenica 6 agosto 2017

How to crochet a bracelet: Quadrati

Inspired by a medieval jewel I had seen in an exhibition this crochet bracelet is the second of the 7 bracelets. I had fun combining different shades of colors trying to recreate the atmosphere typical of that historical period. The measure to make it is about 17 cm.

Start 6 little chains and close them in a circle.

1 lap: 3 double crochet, 3 chains for a total of 4 times. Change cotton color.
2 round: In the 3 double crochet to make: a single crochet, a single crochet, 2 little chains and a single crochet in a point, a single crochet. In the bow of 3 little chains make: 2 single crochet, 2 little chains, 2 single crochet. Redo equal for a total of 4 times. Close the job.
We have created the first square, from the second square onwards they will be joined one behind the other only on one side while working the second round. The points of union in a single side are the 3 small bows of 2 little chains and now I go to explain that one passage because all the rest is equal to the first square.

Second round of the second square at the point of union: 2 single crochet, a chain, insert the crochet hook in the bow of 2 chains of the other square and make a chain, 2 single crochet. Same union both when working the 3 high points and in the next bow of 3 little chains.

For my size I made a total of 9 squares.

Sew the transparent plastic buttons at the 2 ends.

As always I hope I have been clear in the explanations and have given you some more ideas for your creations.

 Hello everyone, see you next time.

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