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How to crochet a Stapelia

As promised I am ready with the explanation of the first of the seven plants, which are part of the composition of greasy crocheted plants. She is Stapelia, there are different species but all have the peculiarity that create a beautiful star-shaped flower
even though it unfortunately does not have a pleasant smell.
To create this greasy crocheted seedlings you have to prepare trunks of 3 different height and flowers.

Explanation of the big trunk.

Start 36 chains and in these work 8 rounds of 34 double crochet (work on filet).
Without cutting the cotton bend the work at the first turn and where there are the joining points between the first and the second lap, work as follows by inserting the crochet right in the middle of the joining points between one lap and the other: 3 single crochet, a half double crochet and a double crochet at a point-a double crochet and a half double crochet at a point, 3 single crochet, resemble the same for a total of 6 times. Now count 2 more double crochet and bend the job again, making sure that it is on the same side of the first "crest", approaching with slip stitch and equalizing again. Repeat the same job for 2 more times. Sew the 2 sides of the work and with 4 points join the top by giving the right shape to the tip of the trunk. You should have 4 ridges.
The same procedure for all the other trunks, only change the points that I'm going to explain now.

Explanation of the middle trunk.

Start 31 chains and in these work 8 turns of 29 double crochet, continue the same as for the big trunk.

Explanation of the small trunk.

Start 26 chains and in these make 8 turns of 24 double crochet, continue the same as the middle trunk.

Cut a piece of plastic wire wire that is appropriate to the length of the trunk, about 2 cm more that will be used to insert the trunk into the jar. In a tip, wrap a bit of wadding or cotton wool and help with a bend curler to lock the wadding. Continue to tap the trunk and hand it with your hands.

Explanation of the flower.

Start 4 chains and in the first one 14 double crochet (total 15).

1 turn: 8 chains and in these make: 2 single crochet, 2 half double crochet, 3 double crochet, jump 2 base points, a slip stitch. Repeat equal to a total of 5 times.

Explanation of the "central section" of the flower.

Start 5 chains to close them in circle and inside: 2 chains, one double crochet, 2 chains and a slip stitch in the circle for a total of 5 times.
Cut a piece of galvanized iron wire and center several times a little yellow cotton to form a small ball, twist the iron wire to lock the cotton and create a small stalk of about 4 cm.
To make the flower fit the central part and then the flower, use the green cotton to work about 2 cm the chains around the small stem to cover it. The flowers will then be inserted in the bottom near the trunks.

I hope I have explained everything to the best and wish you good creation, hello everyone to the next.

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