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How to crochet a myrtle

As promised I have prepared the explanation of the first plant that is part of the autumn crochet composition.
 The myrtle, the king of Mediterranean scrub that grows wild along the coasts. This aromatic plant loves the heat and the sun gives us its delicious fruits right in this cold season of the year.
By looking at her branches with the colorful fruits and the fragrant leaves I came to the idea of ​​recreating them with crochet and even these myrtle ramps are part of the autumn composition.

It looks very elaborate but it is not, with just the slightest patience at a time you will come to the magic of finding a crocheted myrtle branch in your hands. It consists of the stem, the berries and the leaves.

Explanation of the blueberry

Start 4 chains and in the first make 11 double crochet (total 12).
1 turn: 12 double crochet closed together, then with 2-3 slip stitch close.

Explanation of the leaf
         The leaves are coupled to prevent more seams.
Launch 12 chains and in these make: 2 single crochet, 2 half double crochet, 3 double crochet, 2 high double crochet, 2 single crochet, make same on the other side of the chains, a chain, now without cutting the cotton to do another identical leaf. After the leaf comes down to the top of the leaf until the beginning of the leaf and close the work by holding about 10 cm of extra cotton to sew the leaves to the sprig. Once you've done all the blueberries and leaves you need for your creation you will have to prepare the main branch with 2 smaller twigs.

For twigs cut about 20 cm of galvanized iron wire and twist it on itself to create a small stem, leave about 2 cm per side then use it to attach it to the main branch. With brown cotton now fill up with chains. Make 2 equal.
Once covered, first sew the leaves together by small pieces and spacing about one centimeter. Then, with brown cotton, make a small nod, insert the needle in the bottom of the cranberry and pour out the cotton with the needle at the top (nodding serves to hold the cotton in the blueberry). Now in the bowel of the leaf, sew the berry by holding about a cm of cotton out because the cranberry itself is not directly attached to the branch. Regarding the quantity always depends on what you are building, mine is just an example.

For the main branch, cut a piece of plasticized wire wire of the length you need and attach the two twigs worked previously by fastening them through the galvanized iron wire. Now with the brown cotton work around the chains to dress it all. Bend your tips slightly by using a clamp both on one side and the other to keep the chains tight. At the top of the branch we sew the other leaves and then the remaining blueberries. If necessary you can inject the leaflets.

What else can I say, I hope you have tried my own emotion by finding a small branch of wild myrtle in your hands that will give color and life to an anonymous jar. As always I hope to have helped you to create something original inspired by my mother nature and all the good and the good that she gives us. Have fun creating your own fantasy. Hi everyone, to the next.

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