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How to crochet a Saffron

This high-quality spice is the world's most expensive because of its totally manual processing. Every year at this time when there is saffron harvesting you can see the fields that are covered with intense violet color.
A flower that after extracting the precious values ​​contained inside it is thrown away. I liked the idea of ​​making it live again and so I recreated it with crochet and I have the pleasure to share it with you. Very simple to accomplish and now I'm going to explain it
Explanation of the flower

Start 15 chains and make these: 2 single crochet, 2 half double crochet, 2 double crochet, 2 triple crochet, 2 double crochet, 2 half double crochet, 2 single crochet. Return the same as the other side of the chain. Now cut the galvanized iron wire of the length of the petal more than about 2 centimeters and work around the single crochet. Close the work, tend to give the right shape of the petal and twist the piece of iron wire over it, cut the excess and fold it back into the petal. In the 3 outside petals fold it inside, in the 3 inner petals fold it instead on the outside. When you have all 6 petals, take those that have the iron wire bent outward and sew them one at a time in the bottom end, then sew the other 3 petals by staggering them to create the right flower shape.

Explaining Stimulus

Start 15 chains and in the last one make a slip stitch (a little one) and continue with the slip stitch until the first chain. In this redraw 15 chains and again a slip stitch with the top in the top and again in the first chain rework all the same for a total of 3 stitches.

Explanation of yellow pistil

Start 5 chains in round and inside to make: 7 chains and in these make: 2 single crochet, 2 half double crochet, 2 double crochet for a total of 3 times.

Now cut a piece of plastic wire rod to create the stem and in a bit twist a little yellow cotton to form a small ball, then help with a bend curved the stem to stop the cotton and give it the shape of a small pistil . In this stem put in first order the red stitches then the yellow pistils and finally the flower. Now with the green cotton thread around the stem the chains to cover it, letting it open about 2 centimeters because that piece will be inserted in the pottery. With all the flowers needed by your creation, I did just a seedlings and put it in a small jar, to do this, I made 3 flowers, 2 buds and leaves.

Explanation of the bud

For the bud, use only 3 sewn petals at the bottom ends and the yellow pistil. Curve a little inside to give it a semi-solid shape.

Explanation of the leaf

I made the leaves of 3 different sizes to arrange everything around the flowers, made 7 of 40 chains, 5 of 30 chains and 5 of 20 chains. For the big leaf, start 40 chains to cut the zinc plated wire of the length of the chains more than a few centimeters, work around the single crochet on one side and the other on the chains, work well and twist on yourself the remaining iron wire galvanized to form a small stem that will serve you to insert the leaf into the jar. Now since the leaf was a little open to the original I thought of sewing it to the edges and then: bend the edges of the leaf and make it fit, then in small stitches united to them, so the leaf will have the right pointed shape. The procedure is the same for all the leaves you must do; large, medium and small. Once you have done what you need to arrange them all around the flowers and admire your little saffron seedlings.

Girls I always hope to have given you an extra idea and have been clear in the explanations. Have fun creating and let yourself be guided by your imagination. Hi everyone to the next.

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