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How to crochet a Impatiens

Also known as Impatiens this delicate plant is in fact dedicated to all people who need to slow down their pace. I like the delicacy of its colorful flowers that emerge from the green and paint any spring from the spring all through the autumn.
There are so many varieties,
and that's what I've got to get crocheted by model because I see it every day in my mom's garden. Really very simple to accomplish with the explanation that I will give you now.

Explanation of the flower

Start 5 chains in the round and inside to do:
1 turn: 3 double crochet and turn the job (in the next rounds work 2 points in each base point)
2 lap: Half double crochet, 1 double crochet in the same base point, 2 triple crochet at one point, a double crochet and a half double crochet at one point, turn the job.
3 lap: Half double crochet and a double crochet at a base point, 2 triple crochet in one point, 2 double triple crochet in a point, 2 double triple crochet in one point, 2 triple crochet in one point, one double crochet and a half double crochet always at one point, get off at the initial circle with some slip stitch and make the same equal to a total of 5 petals.

Explanation of the bud

The same explanation of the flower, you only need to make 2 petals and sew them a bit to the base to give it the semi-solid shape.

When you have made all the flowers and buds that you need for your composition, you also have stems.
Take a piece of plastic corded wire of the length you need and in a bit twist a little white cotton to form a small ball, then helping you with a bent curler to tip to stop and stop the cotton, you did so a micro pistil that will help you to hold the flower in the stem. Now put the flower in the stem and cover it by working around the chains, leaving a free one centimeter of stem that will serve to insert it into the jar. Now let's go to the leaves I have made without the aid of the galvanized iron wire because being small a little stand alone, much depends on the type of cotton you use, if they give it a little to give support, as well as petals of the flower if it needs.

Explanation of the leaf

Start 20 chains and do these:

1 turn: 3 single crochet, 2 half double crochet, 2 double crochet, 5 triple crochet, 2 double crochet, 2 half double crochet, and 3 single crochet. Do the same on the other side of the chains.
2 revolutions: a single crochet at any point below, close the work and hold about 10 cm more in cotton to sew the leaf at the stem.

Once you've done all the leaves you need, then stitch them on the stem and put them in front of each other and position them in a way that gives the whole collection.
To tell you more, I hope as always that I have explained everything to you and helped you create your small masterpiece. Put us all your imagination and have fun creating. Hi everyone and next.

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