domenica 14 maggio 2017

How to crochet a Glottiphyllum

For the sake of simplicity of this fatty plant I would have preferred a fee in Italian but not finding it I had to call it with its botanical name. This is the fourth crocheted greasy plant that is part of it
of composition
. Its realization is very simple as it is composed of cilindretti of various heights and the flower.

Explanation of the cylinder.

Start 4 chains and in the first do 9 double crochet (total 10).
1 lap: 20 double crochet.
From 2 rounds, always 20 double crochet.

Make them of various heights and how much you need them for your composition. In all you have to put a piece of wire of plastic with the wedged tip of cotton wool or bent and curved. Continue to paddle the cylinders and mold them with your hands. Hold more than 2 cm of iron wire that will serve to fit the cylinders into the jar.

Explanation of the flower.

The flower is composed of 2 sections inserted over each other. Start 5 chains and close them in circle. Inside do 9 chains and in these do 8 single crochet. Repeat the same for a total of 9 times. If you see them curl up a little.

Now let's do the small central pistol by simply wrapping a little cotton (the same as you used for the flower) on the tip of a piece of plastic wire that will then bend to lock the cotton. Insert the 2 sections and cover the small stem with the chains of the same cotton you have used for the cylinder for about 2 cm (only so much that will protrude out of the jar). You do not have to put the whole set together and create your own simple but beautiful greasy plant. As always I hope to have been clear in the explanation and have given you an extra idea.
Hi everyone to the next.

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