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How to crochet a Carnation

A flower of classical beauty, appreciated and popular everywhere like rose. It is used in many ceremonies for its variety of colors, for its durability and scent. Even cloves like other flowers change meaning according to its coloring and has been linked by centuries to many myths and legends. My mom always had so many in her garden that I liked to recreate this crocheted flower. Today I give you the explanation to create this beautiful maple carnation


Start 6 chains in circle and inside: 1 turn 15 single crochet
2 lap 30 single crochet
3 lap 3 double crochet in each single crochet
4 lap 3 double crochet in each double crochet (every 2 points make a small board of 2 chains)


Start 6 chain locks in the circle
1 lap 12 double crochet
2 lap 12 double crochet
3 lap 12 double crochet


The leaves are grouped 2 by the galvanized iron wire that holds them together.
• Start 25 chains.
• Cut the iron wire 2 times around the leaf as well as the piece that will join the stem.
• Then put the iron wire on the chains and work around the single crochet first on one side and then on the other.
• Refit 25 chains and single crochet around.
• Now you have 2 joined leaves to attach to the flower stem.


Start 6 chains and close in round
1 lap 15 double crochet
2 lap 2 double crochet at each point below (total 30 double crochet).
3 rounds 30 double crochet, every 2 stitch make a 3-stroke (when you have to put it in the bud of the bud, remember to bend it a bit)

Goblet bud

Start 6 round chains in round
1 lap 12 double crochet
2 lap 12 double crochet
3 turns 3 chains, in 2 stitches make 4 double crochet closed together, 3 chains 1 single crochet, repeat a total of 4 times.
Now that you have everything ready you will join the individual pieces to get your magnificent seedlings.

Begin by preparing the stem of the length you need.
Bend two times a pin of the stem with the pliers to create a small ball that ground blocked the flower in the stem.
Now insert the cup and sew around the lower points (first fill it with a bit of cotton wadding or cotton so it remains beautiful full) and fasten the leaves to the stem. Now dress them all with the chains that you will work around the stem starting from the cup to cover it with cotton. Same work with buds and all the flowers you want to put in your jar.
 I have made them salmon you obviously use all the colors your fantasy suggests.

Have fun creating. See you soon. Bye!

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